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" I highly recommend the services of Mark Sciblo. I was charged with DUI offense. 

He never made a false promise and told me the reality of the situation from the beginning. 

He told me the best and worse possible outcomes and what I needed to do on my own to improve my chances of a better outcome. I was extremely impressed with the way Mr. Sciblo handled the process  and was overjoyed with the results. A true professional and that is often hard to find. "


- Wojciech S. -

" My friends were using Mr. Sciblo for their DUI cases and they highly recommended him to me when I received my DUI. My case was very difficult and I was warned by other lawyers that I could end up in jail. Mr. Sciblo was determined to help me and even though I had to go back to the court several times,he was able to beat the case and I was found not guilty of the DUI charge. I am very happy with the outcome. Also, his fees were very reasonable, his office staff very friendly.

I highly recommend Mr. Sciblo. "


- Zuzanna -

" Mark Sciblo's Law Office recently represented me in a real estate transaction. From beginning to end Mark and his assistant, Nadia, were extremely detail-oriented, provided me with frequent updates on all aspects of the transaction and most of all gave me straight advice. This office provides legal services at the highest level! "


- Benito C. -

"Attorney Marek Sciblo, was very helpful and pleasant to work with in the 2 areas that I needed his

Legal help. I was very satisfied with the results. All my concerns and questions were addressed in

a professional manner, with detailed answers. I would strongly recommend the legal

services Marek Sciblo"


- Don A. -

" Mark Sciblo was a very helpful attorney in assisting me through a DUI. He worked his hardest to 

get me the best possible outcome for my case. "


- Aurora -

" I contacted Mark Sciblo a few months ago about a financial problem that I had and after meeting with him and his assistant Nadia I felt very confortable that I was making the right choice. In my caseI needed to file for bankruptcy. Both of them were there for me with all of the questions and concerns that I had. Great customer service and everything was done in a timely manner.

Thanks to Mark and Nadia I have a new start for the new year.. "


- Sandra A. -

" I hired Mr. Sciblo to help me through the Secretary of State process after I received my third DUI and had a revoked license. Mr. Sciblo was very informative and explained the complicated process of getting my license back once it becomes revoked. He was very patient with me, spent a lot of time with me to answer all my questions, and quickly responded to phone calls. Because of him, I was able to pass my hearing and receive an RDP after just one hearing. In addition, through Mr. Sciblo, I was able to receive full reinstatement of my driver's license, also after one hearing. Thanks to him, I'm back on the road and was able to get a better job to help support my family. I highly recommend this attorney! "


- Wojciech -

" I would like to thank Attorney Mark Sciblo very much for handling of my DUI case in

Rolling Meadows Courthouse. In 2013, I have been stopped by police in Bensenville for driving under influence and was issued three tickets for a DUI, an open alcohol and improper parking. The case lasted for almost a year with many continuances. The case was finally set for a trial before the judge in May of 2014.


Attorney Mark Sciblo won the trial regarding my DUI, and he also successfully dismissed my openalcohol ticket. The only thing that wasn't cleared was a ticket for improper parking. Because of Attorney Sciblo's superb legal services I was cleared of serious allegations and got my driver's license back. Attorney Sciblo fought with great determination and commitment in my case, for which I am very thankful. If I will ever need a help in legal matters again, I will make sure to contactAttorney Mark Sciblo. Once again thank you for your help. "


- Wojciech -

" I had a very complicated DUI case at 26th St and California Courthouse and I lost my driving privileges. I hired attorney Mark Sciblo to represent me and I was very happy with his legal services and the final outcome of the case. He’s a no-nonsense, effective attorney. I highly recommend his legal services to anyone who had any problems with DUI and suspended driver license. "


- Kacy M. -

" Takes every case very seriously. Professionalism visible from the first contact. Mr. Mark Sciblo and his office staff always I mean...always available after they take care of your case, answering important questions, assisting you anytime attorney help is needed. On a base of my experience... believe me, he is one of the very best. "


- Walter -

"I hired Mark Sciblo for a recent Dui case and could not me more happier with my experience.

From the first time I met him he showed his knowledge of the judicial process and what I should expect.From day one he was on the offensive. He immediately sent out my paperwork to rescind my summary suspension and informed me of the next steps. Once the first court  date arrived he was able to get hold of all evidence and review it in a timely manner. Mark was able to keep my driving privileges. His skills in the courtroom were excellent, and it was shown in the way he cross examined officer and communicated with judge. If you are ever in need of a great Dui lawyer, hire him."


- Sebastian C. -

"Hiring the Law Office of Mr. Mark Sciblo far exceeded my expectations!  From the beginning to the end of my 15 year old DUI case I received high-quality representation. Going through the process is lengthy, and it is very hard to find the type of representation where one feels “at ease” all of my questions I had after the process began were answered by the knowledgeable Mr. Sciblo.  He cares about his clients, and works hard to achieve the results you are looking for.  Without hesitation I would recommend him to all my friends."


- Jozef -

"In April 2018 I used attorney at law Mark Sciblo in the selling process of my condo. Several years ago the same attorney represented me during the purchase of this condo and I knew at once that I would ask him to represent me if I were to sell it someday. He is very knowledgeable, sharp and trustworthy. His assistant Nadia was very helpful and friendly. Mr. Sciblo and his assistant did not limit their time to help their clients clients to understand a complex real estate sale transaction process. I was able to fee free to ask many questions any time when I called the office. I would highly recommend the services of Mark Sciblo Law Office."


- Anna G. -

"I would recommended attorney Marek Ścibło to my closest friends and family. He is truly an amazing attorney. He fought on my behalf for one and a half years to let me keep ownership of my car, which he ended up successfully doing. He is friendly, trustworthy, honest, and worked hard to fight on my behalf. I highly recommended him."
Thank you Mr. Marek Ścibło.


- Robert L. -

"After I was charged with aggravated assualt under Illinois criminal code, Mark agreed to represent me as an attorney after a short conversation. At the time, he seemed very knowledgeable and fair priced. Since then he has shown dedication and commitment to getting me the best possible outcome. Today we have concluded the case with very favorable result and NO CRIMINAL CHARGES on my record. I am extremely happy with Mark and the work he did in my case. 5 stars are not enough to justify all the hard work he is doing for his clients. I would highly recommend Mark and his firm to anyone seeking legal representation."


- Marcin W. -

"I have personally and professionally known Mark Sciblo for more than 20 years. He's among the smartest and hardest working attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He's caring compassionate people who take their responsibilities seriously and will always put the client first. I highly recommend him and rate him as best in his class."


- Boris G. -

"I have had a couple different reasons to use Mark Sciblo Law Office legal services, most recently for purchase of a condo. In fact when I was ready to buy a new home Mark recommended me a very good real estate agent Karolina Franz with Savvy Realty 773-627-7611  and mortgage broker Gabriel Jimenez with Direct Mortgage Investors…. They were great, too !I received professional, very knowledgeable  and attentive assistance from Mark Sciblo's office on both occasions. Mark Sciblo and his assistant Nadia reviewed my contract, worked closely with my lender to clear questions about association and credit history legal side as well as secured escrow for special assessment. 

I am a happy new owner of the property and Mark's legal services really helped to make the process much easier. Call Mark Sciblo if you need a lawyer for a real estate closing." 


- Joe R. -

"Mark runs a very first class law practice and he is one of the best I have worked with. Additionally, Nadia is exceptional with her professionalism as well. Many of the attorneys I have encountered are not timely in returning calls or emails. Mark and Nadia have always been there when I needed them. I highly recommend the legal services of Sciblo Law." 


- Timothy B. -