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DUI Defense

If you are being arrested and charged for DUI (drinking under influence) in Chicago, then many uninvited problems will occur in your life which is surely going to create a lot of stress for you. The person who is charged for DUI has many consequences; he or she loses his job because of suspension and revocation of drivers’ license, prison time, fines and court fees, high insurance premiums, attorney fees and much more. This may embarrass you in front of your family, friends, and colleagues.

But if you want to save yourself from this entire headache, one of the best options is to hire a Chicago DUI attorney, who can save you from this stress. It is very important to choose the competent DUI attorney who has the skills and experience to win your case. Winning the case is very important because if you lose it can have a severe impact on your life. So choose DUI attorney who will help you - retain your driving privileges, avoid jail time, criminal records and avoid paying any fine associated with DUI charge.

One of such an experienced and competent attorney for DUI charge is an attorney Mark Sciblo. He will help you protect your legal rights and also help you with driver's license reinstatement hearing before the secretary of state office to restore your driving privileges. Mark Sciblo has an experience of 26 years and has helped hundreds of people who have been charged with a misdemeanor and felony DUI.

He has successfully defended hundreds of clients who were charged with DUI.

So if you are charged with DUI contact Mark Sciblo office to discuss your rights and options and he will evaluate your case free of charge.

DUI (Driving under influence)

DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that makes the driver incapable to drive the vehicle safely. DUI is a driving violation, if you are charged with DUI, you might have to pay a high penalty, your drivers’ license will be revoked and you may have to spend some time in jail. 


In Chicago, any driver should not have BAC more than .08 in the body. If BAC is obtained more than .08 in drivers’ body, then he or she is intoxicated and can be charged with DUI if stopped by the police officer. Sometimes even if BAC is .05 to .08 in drivers’ body, can be charged with DUI if the evidence shows that the driver is not capable of driving. BAC level is obtained by chemical test.


Since January 1, 2009, any driver who doesn’t take a chemical test and is a first time offender, then the Illinois secretary of state will suspend his driver's license for a period of 12 months.
So whenever the driver refuses or fails to pass the chemical test, the statutory summary suspension automatically suspends the driving privileges of a driver charged for DUI. Even if the Illinois driver refuses to submit chemical testing in other states, your driving privileges will be suspended.

Driving privileges may reinstate when the statutory summary suspension period ends. If you are a first time offender, you can still drive during the period of statutory summary suspension if there is ignition interlock device installed in your car. You need to blow into this device before you can drive the car.


Restricted Driving Permit allows a person to drive on a restricted basis depending on the permit. If you are charged with DUI and your driving privileges are suspended and you want to your driving privilege back, during that period BAIID is required as a condition for receiving a restricted driving permit. BAIID is required for a person who has been charged for DUI twice or more or has two statutory summary suspensions. BAIID will also be needed as a condition of receiving RDP for a person who was charged for aggravated DUI and involved in an accident that caused death, severe injury or permanent disability.

How to obtain RDP?

For getting RDP, a person must appear before a hearing officer in the secretary of state's department of administrative hearings. Then his/her driving record will be reviewed so as to make sure that he/she would not be harmful to public safety if permitted to drive on a limited basis.
If the person with two or more DUI charge wants RDP, he/she needs to have a BAIID installed in the vehicle during the duration of RDP.

All the DUI crimes are defended by a lawyer Mark Sciblo such as:


The first offense of driving under the influence is a misdemeanor. When you are charged with misdemeanor DUI, you will need to have BAIID installed in your vehicle when you are granted your driving privileges. You will have to attend alcohol evaluation, treatment and counseling are compulsory. You will face a minimum of one-year loss of full driving privileges, possible imprisonment for up to one year, and a maximum fine of $2,500.

A second DUI offense in Illinois has treated as a Class A misdemeanor. If you are arrested for a second DUI in Illinois, your driver's license will be suspended. The license suspension period for a second offense DUI within 20 years is five years. You can apply to the secretary of state for a restricted driving permit, once your driver’s license is suspended. You will face mandatory five days imprisonment or 240 hours community service, possible imprisonment for up to one year, and a maximum fine of $2,500.


A third DUI is treated as a Class 2 Felony, whereas the first two offenses are Class A misdemeanors (unless there was bodily harm). The penalties for felony DUI is much more severe than misdemeanor DUI. Penalty for felony DUI is minimum ten-year loss of full driving privileges, mandatory 18-30 month periodic imprisonment, possible imprisonment for up to seven years, suspension of vehicle registration, and a maximum fine of $25,000.


In Illinois, any DUI offense resulting in felony charges is classified as Aggravated DUI - Class 4. There are many factors that can turn an ordinary DUI into Aggravated DUI.


You can be charged with aggravated DUI for certain reasons:

  • It is your third DUI charge

  • You cause an accident which resulted in someone’s death or caused  severe bodily harm or  permanent disability

  • If you are caught driving with suspended licenses from prior DUI conviction

  • You escaped the accident which caused injury or death

  • If your driver’s license is invalid or expired

  • You don’t have a driver’s  license

  • DUI committed without vehicle liability insurance

  • DUI committed while revoked or suspended for DUI

​Penalty for Aggravated DUI is minimum of one-year loss of full driving privileges, mandatory ten days imprisonment or 480 hours community service, possible imprisonment for up to twelve years, suspension of vehicle registration, a maximum fine of $25,000.

So when you are charged with DUI and your drivers’ license is revoked or suspended and if you want to reinstate your driving privileges visit or contact an attorney Mark Sciblo today.