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Traffic Violations

You might think that traffic offense won’t affect you much, you just have to pay fines and your driving record will be clear but practically speaking this won’t be the scenario. Traffic offenses can leave a negative mark on your driving record and you will also have to pay high insurance rates and also your driving rights will be at risk. If you receive three or more moving violation within 12 months, then an Illinois secretary of state may suspend or revoke your driving license. If you are a commercial driver, traffic tickets will affect your livelihood, driving record and permit to drive the vehicle. Traffic offense in Chicago, Illinois is considered as a serious issue so if you or your loved one is facing charges for driving above the speed limit, driving-related offense, got DUI or if your driver’s license is suspended, then the very first step should be contacting the Law Offices of Mark Sciblo, P.C.

A lawyer Mark Sciblo is experienced and has extensive knowledge about the complicated traffic laws in the state of Illinois. He is an attorney, who will help you protect your legal rights and fight for you and bring the best possible results in your case and will help you get back your driving rights. Mark Sciblo has an experience of 28 years and has helped many people who have been charged with a traffic violation in Chicago, Illinois. He listens to each client with attention and will fully understand your needs, concerns, and questions. He knows how stressful it is for you to face the Illinois criminal justice system and he will do his best to make sure that your rights and license is protected. No matter what you are charged with, contact us as we have the knowledge, resources, and tenacity to solve the most complicated cases. Call us and a lawyer Mark Sciblo will discuss your rights and options and will evaluate your case free of charge.

There are some of the traffic violation offenses that may result in severe consequences and make it mandatory for you to hire competent and skilled traffic violation, defense attorney.

Here is the list of the traffic violation offenses with which a lawyer Mark Sciblo will help you:

•    Driving on polish and international Driver’s license
•    Driving on a suspended or revoked license
•    Driving without valid Illinois driving license
•    Negligent and reckless driving
•    Speeding in a school zone
•    Speeding in a construction zone
•    Leaving the scene of an accident
•    Running a stop light or a sign
•    Aggravated speeding
•    Passing a loading/unloading school bus
•    Driving without seat belts
•    Driving without insurance or registration
•    Speeding tickets


For every traffic violation, the penalty will vary, your traffic ticket will decide the penalties.

Some of the common penalties for a traffic violation are:

•    Fines
•    Court fees
•    Safety traffic school
•    Points on your driving record
•    You will have to pay more premiums for your auto insurance
•    Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
•    Potential Jail time
•    Prohibition on using CDL if you are issued ticket while driving commercially
•    Community service

When you are charged with the traffic ticket there are two options: you can fight for your tickets and plead not guilty or you can opt not to fight for your ticket and plead guilty.  If you decide not to fight for your ticket and if the violation is non-criminal then you will be asked to pay fine and complete any required traffic safety school and also you will have to pay more auto insurance premiums.

Even if you plead guilty it is necessary to hire an attorney who will help you in reducing the charges to lesser violation and penalty.

If you plead not guilty and fight the ticket then a trial will be scheduled where you can challenge the ticket. Fighting for the ticket in the traffic court will not be an easy process as you don’t know the laws and are not familiar with the courtroom procedures, so it’s better to hire a lawyer Mark Sciblo who will help you with court proceedings and in preparing the defense strategy. He will also help you in reducing your penalties and also help you in getting your driving privileges back because if you are found guilty then the judge may give you a harder sentence.

No matter what you are charged with, contacting a lawyer Mark Sciblo is the smartest step you should take. He will help you fight all kinds of traffic tickets or moving violations. In addition, attorney Mark Sciblo may represent you in the Secretary of State hearings and will help you to reinstate your driver's license if you are suspended or revoked.

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