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Real estate, be it residential or commercial is often a person’s most significant and priciest asset. Entering into a contract to buy or sell a real estate property, is much more than filling in​ the missing blanks on the printed contract. ​It is wise to hire a lawyer to prepare or review the offer to purchase a real estate and take full advantage of his legal expertise.

With the Law Offices of Mark Sciblo, P.C. you will gain a counsel with 26 years of legal practice, and one who has helped thousands of clients to buy or sell their homes or investment property. We can close your real estate deal!

The Law Offices of Mark Sciblo, P.C. will safeguard your interests, and might negotiate a better bargain than a client without a proper legal counsel would have accepted. Often times a prospective buyer will submit an offer without first consulting a lawyer, not realizing that once the offer is accepted by the seller it becomes a binding contract. The terms of the contract are not easy to be changed after. Likewise, as a seller, you will benefit from first consulting a lawyer before signing the offer. At the Law Offices of Mark Sciblo, P.C. we pride ourselves in on superior and personal client service and attention and will guide you every step of the way.


Current real estate market with the prices that have fallen to record low continues to force thousands of homeowners to resort to selling their “underwater” properties at “short sale”.
“Short sale” is the sale of real estate property where the seller’s lender agrees to a payoff lesser than the seller owes on the mortgage. Although short sales are common nowadays, it is wise to first consult a lawyer how you may benefit from selling your property at a short sale or, if you are buying, what the transaction may hold for you. We can not stress out the importance of seeking legal advice BEFORE you sign an offer.
At Law Offices of Mark Sciblo, P.C. we trust a client is able to make the best decision when most informed. We pride ourselves in giving each client personal attention to explain the steps of the “short sale” transaction.

"REO ("Real Estate Owned")

Bank owned real estate properties often constitute an attractive offer in the current market. REO is a sale of property by the lender, as a titleholder(owner of the real estate) after the lender has acquired title to the property through a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.

Of all available options to purchase, this is the one for which a buyer should consider hiring and consulting a lawyer, before signing an offer. REO sale contracts often have a provision that specifically states that a buyer has had an opportunity to consult a lawyer, before signing it and thus bar any future modifications.

It becomes even more important if you are buying a condominium unit because a lawyer will explain to you existing legal and contract provisions with regards to unpaid assessments.

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